Campaign manager

Effective, simple enterprise email marketing campaign management

Advanced reports on open and click through rates

Scalable contact management for when your contact list grows

    Manage Your
    Campaigns Effectively

    Our multi-channel marketing solution allows clients to send targeted marketing campaigns to lists of contacts. Both contact lists and campaigns are managed by easy-to-use user interfaces.

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    Managed Marketing Solution

    On-demand marketing management, hosting and maintenance by us, means no technical overheads and piece of mind for our clients. Our multi-tenanted on-demand architecture is available and monitored 24/7, allowing our clients to focus on what they do best with the knowledge that their data is stored in a secure and robust environment.

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    Scalable and Secure

    Our robust on-demand marketing solution is able to meet your expanding marketing activity. Easily manage and maintain an ever growing number of contacts through our in-built contact management system. As you grow we grow.

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