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Our email marketing solution allows clients to send targeted email marketing campaigns to lists of contacts. Both contact lists and email campaigns are managed by easy-to-use user interfaces.

Manage Your Email Campaigns Effectively...

Campaign Manager offers our clients complete peace of mind. All technical and contact management is handled by us allowing you quick and easy access to a 'clean slate' email with preloaded templates or logo's for new email marketing campaigns.

Campaign Manager Email Marketing

Each email campaign you design is stored within your own secure and personal online account along with all other relevant data. This allows text or graphic editing or re design in minimal time and together with our scheduling program, they are ready to go whenever you choose.

A major feature of Campaign Manager is it's powerful tracking feature. In many other forms of marketing such as mailshots and editorials, there is little knowledge available on how effective your campaign actually was. If the campaign didn't generate an actual sale how do you know who read it, who through it away and why?

With Campaign Manager however, our tracking possibilities are endless. We can monitor click through rates, whether your website was hit, which emails were not opened and therefore generate lead lists. Together with our contact management system, you can then be far more specific with future campaigns minimising deletion of emails and offering far more applicable promotions to the right customer. This is cost effective marketing.

Some of the key features of Campaign Manager are below...

   Create and manage marketing email campaigns via a user friendly web interface (with full HTML support)

   Email Scheduling - schedule marketing emails months or even years in advance

   Track open & click through rates of specific links within the email

   Bulk upload of email contacts using segmentation to manage groups

   Multipart email sending - handles text versions of the email if the users email client can't display HTML versions

   In-built email cross browser compliant templates. Ensuring successful delivery, every time.

   Customized email templates - You can upload templates to use when creating new emails.

   Versatile reporting suite allowing download of reports into excel.

   Salesforce Integration.

   Google Analytics Integration.

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